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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Double A Hauling the best at building gravel driveways?

There are a variety of reasons why, but these are the most important:

  • We are able to haul and source the material ourselves. 

Double A Hauling maintains their own fleet of trucks, which allows us to maintain higher standards of quality control when it comes to sourcing and distributing our products. 

  • Our drivers are trained to develop and maintain a specific skill set that includes driveway construction. 

Our drivers play an important role in our driveway construction process. They are not ordinary haulers! They pay attention to small details and are able to distribute materials from the trucks in a way that allows our driveway crew to do what they do best. 

  • We have a specialized department for driveway construction.  

Our driveway crew has spent many years developing their craft. Their skill sets combined with that of our drivers is what allows Double A Hauling to be the absolute best at delivering custom gravel driveway solutions in a timely and affordable manner!

What is the “base” layer of a driveway and why is it important? 

UCL or ABC bases are bases that are fundamentally important for the driveways we build to be protected against flooding, erosion, and other elemental attacks. Essentially, they are the foundation of our driveways. The primary purpose of the base is to ensure that your driveway is level and provides proper drainage for your yard or landscape. Many contractors will skimp on this important stage of gravel driveway development and place a top layer of rock that is visually appealing initially, but quickly erodes your land over time. Double A Hauling is much more interested in providing you with a gravel driveway that sticks around for the long haul!

Will my estimate still be free if I choose to not take advantage of Double A Hauling’s services? 

Absolutely! If you choose to not accept the quote, there will be no charge to you whatsoever. Don’t hesitate to schedule one!

Are there any variable charges within the quote? 

Typically, the answer is no. We almost never quote our residential projects in that manner. The cost-basis of a typical gravel driveway project quote is directly related to the amount of material and labor it is going to take in order to build your driveway which results in a flat rate. Double A Hauling takes pride in our ability to deliver quality results in a timely manner, so there is typically no need for us to charge variable rates. 

I know that my driveway needs to be fixed, but I do not know much about it. How do I know what needs to be done and what type of stone to use? 

You don’t have to! By taking advantage of scheduling a free on-site estimate with Double A Hauling, our gravel driveway specialists will walk you through every step of the process and provide you with a variety of options when it comes to transforming your driveway space into a work of art! 

Why are gravel driveways better than asphalt driveways? 

Gravel driveways are not always better than asphalt or concrete driveways, but are almost always a better solution to cracked or eroded asphalt driveways. This is because gravel driveways are more cost efficient and easier to maintain over the long run. Asphalt is attacked from all directions! Rain, temperature changes, drainage problems, and tree roots work together to break up your asphalt and leave you with an unmanageable mess. Gravel driveways are much easier to maintain in the face of such conditions, because sections of a gravel driveway that are damaged by such forces can be fixed individually. The elements of nature that cause an asphalt driveway to become damaged over time, will almost always inevitably reoccur. 

Does Double A Hauling repair asphalt driveways? 

Double A Hauling does not currently repair asphalt driveways. However, we do remove asphalt driveways and replace them with a beautiful gravel alternative. We love doing so! This is because we know that we have provided a solution to our customers’ problems that will be effective for many, many years!